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Dayton D520S

Tire Size: 11R24.5
Positions: Steer, All Position
Shoulder: Closed
Load Range: G
Load Index (S/D): /
Ply Rating: 14
SKU: 3283

Regional Regional Highway Highway
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Max Speed: N/A   Diameter: 43.50 ''   Static Loaded Radius: 20.30 ''
Max Load Single: 6610 LBS   Section Width: 11.00 ''   Min. Dual Spacing: N/A
Max Load (Dual) 6005 LBS   Tread Depth 22.00 / 32nds   Revolutions Per Mile 475
Rim Width: N/A   Tire Construction: R   Weight: 137 LBS
RegionalRegionalLocal DeliveryLocal DeliveryEmergency ServicesEmergency Services
Five-rib designFor reliable handling and maneuverability
Sipes on center ribsEnhance traction and tread life
Wide, straight groovesEvacuate water and enhance wet traction
Equal rib distributionHelps resist tread scrubbing
Recommended replacement for: Dayton radial metro all position , roadmaster rm185, roadmaster rm170, double coin rr680, double coin rt600
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