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“The Tire Store That Comes To You” was once the slogan for this location and it sure spelled out the stores service well. This is perhaps the most unique service in the tire industry and a very rare one at that. Best-One Tire & Service Valet is a completely mobile full service tire operation. Box vans powered with generators, air compressors and the latest in rim clamp tire changers and computer balancers go on location to perform the tasks in the most efficient place possible…where you need it!

Service started in 1989 as Convenient Tire Service and grew quickly as the answer for Columbus area car dealers for their tires needs. In the years to come the name changed to Convenient Tire Valet when Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company came on board heavily, and in 2013 the Best-One Tire & Service brand was installed as the new business name.

The service arena for this branch has changed significantly through the years as well. What was once a predominate car dealer focused service has since expanded to be the solution for fleets of all sizes as well as any individual that realizes their time is just too valuable to waste in the waiting room of a tire shop.

So whether you are part of or operate a fleet of vehicles, own a car lot or just simply want to get away from the hassles when you need tire service, call Best-One Tire & Service Valet at 614-461-8984. Where the BEST costs less…and comes to you!

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Best-One Tire & Service Convenient Tire Valet

Convenient Tire Valet is one of the most unique services in the tire industry. No other tire company in the central Ohio area offers such a service! The concept was the brainchild of a long time professional from the automotive aftermarket by the name of Tony Miller. Tony saw a need for the local car dealers and catered the service to suit their needs. It quickly became a hit and began to grow.

Convenient Tire Valet became the answer for many when they thought of needing tires and tire related services. It moved from a service focused solely on car dealers, to a service held in high regard by many of the service companies doing business in the same area. We have become the best way for many companies to service their fleet vehicles. Whether it’s a plumbers fleet of vans, a team of delivery trucks or the company cars driven by a sales crew, we are able to fit their needs better than any ordinary tire shop could ever dream of.

After decades of doing business, we have brought our premier service mainstream. Since our inception we have taken care of our customers in any fashion that was asked of us. We would go to their homes and replace tires for their spouses and go to their office to replace tires on their personal car. We have seen the demand for this service from a consumer stand point is far more desired than we ever expected in 1989.

A typical tire store may only have 5,000 and very rarely up to 9,000 square feet of space to store inventory. This means their options for you and your vehicle is limited to the availability of tires they have in stock, and more cases than not are an incorrect application for you, the vehicle and your driving habits. We, on the other hand have more than 70,000 square feet filled with tires. With that amount of space to store inventory, we have an excellent opportunity to have the best suited tire for your application in stock. With that being said however, there are still cases that require us to bring in the right product for your application. There are way too many varieties of products out there, it would be impossible for us to keep everything in-stock. Just Imagine, if we’re not able to fit everything we would like to under our roof, how many items do you think your average retailer is missing?

We have the right products, we have THE BEST service, and with hundreds of years of tire experience ingrained within our collective personnel, we have the knowledge you can rely on to best suit your needs and deliver it in a fashion unlike any other could possibly do. Contact us today for convenient mobile tire installation.

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Greater Central Ohio Best-One Tire & Service Stores is a leader in offering name brand tires, wheels, auto repair and front-end services for customers located in and around the Columbus and Mt. Sterling areas. Our goal is to focus on customer service. It is the foundation of our business. Greater Central Ohio Best-One Tire & Service Stores employs a well-trained staff specializing in the sale and installation of all tires, especially truck, light truck & SUV, passenger car, and performance tires. We also specialize in farm, industrial, off-the-road, and lawn & garden tires. Custom wheels are also available, which compliment any tire or vehicle. Take this opportunity to browse the Greater Central Ohio Best-One Tire & Service Stores website or call us for personalized service.

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